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Pre-publication orders now open for my book!

I’m so, so excited to announce that ordering is now open for my upcoming book: 'Self Sufficient Herbalism'.

I’ve been ’officially’ writing it for the past 18 months, but it’s actually been years and years in the making. All of the growing, gathering, harvesting, drying and processing of herbs for medicine, all of the techniques I figured out to make things more efficient or to make the medicines more potent, and all of the mistakes I made and learnt from; have been poured into the pages of this book. Not only that but I’ve shared how the practice of self sufficient herbalism has transformed me and my approach to treating patients.

I’m totally thrilled to be able to share this knowledge more widely and to help others move forward along this path of growing and gathering their own herbs for medicine.

So many people, both in person and via social media have helped and encouraged me throughout the process. You shared your own experiences and aspirations to be more self sufficient in herb sourcing and you asked me questions which helped me understand what you want to know about this important subject. I’m so grateful that you’ve supported and encouraged me along the way. To thank you for being with me on this path Aeon Books are offering a special discount of 20% off on pre-publication orders. Simply go to forthcoming titles on the Aeon Books website click on my book and use the code LJ2019 when you check out.

I'm really happy to be able to share this precious and traditional knowledge. It's heart-warming to think that my book will help others along the path of self sufficient herbalism, whether they're practitioners, students, herbal product manufacturers or herb growers.

Lucy x

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