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In my practice I combine the principles of Tibetan Medicine with Western Herbal Medicine. Over the years I've refined and developed a unique way of working with patients and the plants that can heal them. I believe that it's essential to understand why a patient has become ill in the first place and I'll always aim to treat the underlying root cause of illness rather than just treating the illness itself.


The first consultation is a friendly, relaxed but in depth discussion of around 90 minutes. We cover past medical history, the timeline and symptoms of the current health imbalance, diet and lifestyle as well as other factors such as stress levels and constitutional tendencies. I'll look at your tongue, and, if you're attending in person, I'll take your pulse. These processes give a great deal of helpful information according to Tibetan Medicine. I also use western examination techniques such as blood pressure measurement. 


Many patients report that the initial consultation process is very healing and liberating in itself as it enables them to reach a clear understanding of why they've become ill and how their different symptoms are linked together. At the end of the consultation they understand what needs to be done to reverse the process. It's quite common that patients recommend me to friends and family on the basis of that first consultation alone before they've even taken their first dose of herbal medicine!

At the end of the consultation together we decide on a holistic treatment plan and agree the approach before proceeding. I then create a sophisticated tailor made prescription which takes into account your unique constitutional circumstances as well as disease processes which need to be addressed. Usually the prescription will be made up there and then and can be taken home immediately after the appointment.


All consultations are done by prior appointment. I generally have a waiting list for new patients but once you are ‘on my books’ and we have done the initial consultation I am able to fit people in for follow ups at fairly short notice if the need arises.


I think that it is much better to see patients in person and get all the information at the time of the consultation directly from the patient. For that reason I never use pre-appointment questionnaires. Many of my patients travel a significant distance to attend the clinic and I can recommend local accommodation if you need this.  Depending on the condition involved I do sometimes offer consultations via Skype for those who really can’t attend the clinic in person. I have treated patients in the USA, Chile and Spain successfully via this medium. Skype consultations will usually entail the patient having to source their own herbal medicines locally and blend them according to my instructions.

Although one would think that illness is a prerequisite for seeing a herbalist this is not actually the case. Many people come to me for personalised dietary and lifestyle advice to safeguard wellbeing and optimum energy levels. Others come because they wish to experience the Tibetan Medical approach and its mind, body and spirit treatment patterns.  If you would like to know more about the options for preventive medicine and wellbeing coaching please get in touch.

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