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After the initial consultation you'll receive a sophisticated tailor made herbal prescription. Other people won't have the same herbal prescription even though they may have received the same diagnosis from an allopathic medical practitioner. This is because herbal medicine sees everyone as unique and understands that each person has a different underlying root cause of illness.


Herbal prescriptions can take a number of different forms. I often blend tinctures but may use herbal infusions or decoctions instead, especially for patients wishing to avoid alcohol in their medication. Your main medicine may be supplemented by capsules or Tibetan Medicinal formulae depending on the your health situation. I may recommend that you source certain nutritional supplements during the treatment process but I don’t have any vested interest in promoting particular brands and I don’t make nutritional supplements myself.


The vast majority of my herbal medicines are locally wild crafted or home grown with care and healing intention. I dry them carefully using dehydrators and then make them into tinctures, capsules or tea blends as needed. My clinic carries a large stock of different herbs so that I can create the best possible prescription for your unique situation. I believe that the intention and respect afforded to the herbs during gathering and processing helps to create the most potent and effective herbal medicines. 


All herbal treatment will be discussed and agreed in advance of dispensing so you know exactly what to expect.You will be given clear instructions about how to prepare and take your medicine before you leave the clinic.


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