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What People Say

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
‘Before your treatment I couldn’t go out without taking Imodium.  I feel so much better and I have taken up cycling again.  My son and I even climbed a mountain this summer!’ G.E. from Dorset
‘All my food was passing straight through me and I was losing so much weight.  I think that your treatment actually saved my life!’ A.T from Scotland


Indigestion and Heartburn
‘The unpleasant burning sensation has completely resolved now and I am off all allopathic medication.’ N.C. from Dorset


Psoriasis and Eczema
‘The psoriasis on my scalp has now gone!  Although it has taken a while it has most definitely been worth it!’  S.C. from Dorset
‘My son has had the first good night’s sleep for years after he used your cream.  Thank you so much!’O.A. from Dorset


‘What bliss to sleep a full night again! Delicious. I could hug you for it I am so happy!’ F.G. from Sussex.
‘I am sleeping so much better these days. Thank you very much!’ S.S. from Dorset


Low Immunity
‘This winter has been the first year that I have not been plagued with repeated coughs and colds.  My work colleagues are very impressed!’ M.P. from Dorset
‘Since my chemotherapy I have always been conscious that my immune system is not as strong as it should be but your herbs have really made me feel a lot better.  Not only that but I have more energy to carry out all the projects that I am involved in.’ P.C. from Dorset


‘Your treatment has been wonderful. My angina has disappeared and my blood pressure has come right down.  Thank you so much!’ V.P. from Dorset
‘My GP was surprised at how much my cardiac arrhythmia has improved.  Thank you so much for working with the surgery to ensure that my I.N.R. levels remained stable.’ J.A. from Dorset
‘My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are significantly down. Brilliant!’ P.R. from Dorset 
‘My blood pressure is much better now and I think that I will book a race track experience day in the New Year. I should have done that years ago!’ J.J. from Dorset


Blood Sugar Imbalance
‘My diabetes nurse is very impressed and told me that whatever I am doing I should keep doing.’  S.E from Dorset
‘My energy levels are much better and I no longer fall asleep after lunch.  I am getting so much more done and have even had a much needed clear out in the house.’ A.E. from Dorset


Reynauds Syndrome
‘I have not had a white finger episode for months. I am delighted!’ R.B. from Dorset
‘My circulation is so much better now, what a relief!’ S.R. from Dorset


Depression and Anxiety
‘I feel so much more centred and in control now. What a difference!’ K.S from Surrey
‘I used to dread new situations but now I look forward to them. Thank you for giving me my life back!’F.M. from Sussex
‘My panic attacks are now a thing of the past. I wish I had found you and your herbs sooner.’ A.T. from Dorset


Hormone Imbalance
‘A period with no pain and no scary clots! Fantastic I can’t believe it, that’s probably the first time since puberty!’  M. E. from Dorset
‘I would not have this baby if it were not for you and your treatment.  Thank you so much for everything!’  C. G. from London
 ‘My hot flushes are a thing of the past and I have more energy and enthusiasm for life!’ C. H. from Dorset
‘The anxiety that I felt every month has completely disappeared, I am delighted!’ L.B. from Dorset
‘Now that I am not suffering from flooding every month I feel a new person.  I have even started a new job!’ K.C. from Dorset
‘The spotting that I was having every month has dramatically decreased already. I am impressed.’ B.H. from Dorset


Urinary Infection
‘After 8 months of unsuccessfully trying antibiotics, your herbs have been a lifesaver.  The consultant has said that there is no trace of the infection remaining.’ R.H. from Dorset
‘I felt dreadful but your tincture started working almost immediately. Thank you so much for making up the prescription so quickly.’ C.H. from Dorset


Oral Lychen Planus
‘My mouth is now completely clear and I can eat what I like.  My dental hygienist is amazed!’ J.P. from Dorset


Nasal Polyps
‘Just to say that I saw the ear, nose and throat specialist on Monday, and he could not see a polyp in my left nostril and only a small one in my right.  We explained that it was being treated by a herbalist’s remedy and he was very intrigued to know what was being used.  Breathing through my nose is now better than it has been for years.’ R.H. from Dorset


Geriatric Issues
‘My husband is much more alert and positive since he has been taking the herbs, thank you so much!’ F.M. from Wiltshire


Tooth Abscesses and Dental Issues
‘My tooth abscess had completely disappeared when I went for my Xray and I will no longer need to have surgery. I am delighted!’ J.J. from Dorset
‘Putting your lotion on my gums has saved my tooth. That is a real bonus. Thanks!’ R.B. from Dorset


‘I haven’t had a migraine since September and I am very happy with that!’ C.M. from France
‘I used to have two migraines a week and in the last three months I have had only one a month. Things are definitely improving and I feel so much better!’ N.C. from Dorset
‘I forgot to tell you that I also used to have migraines but actually they have completely gone since I started your treatment.’ S.C from Dorset


‘The swelling in my arm has significantly gone down and my lymphoedema nurse has asked me what I have been doing differently!’ C.A. from Dorset


Talks to Groups
‘Thank you so much for your fascinating talk on ‘Weeds as Medicines’.  It is a very interesting subject and your enthusiasm shone through.’ 
‘Thank you so much for your talk – you have stimulated a real interest in herbalism in our village.  We hope that you will be able to come back and talk to us again soon.’
‘That was the best talk we have ever had!’
‘We want you to come back and give us Part 2 of that talk, it was so fascinating!’
‘It is so nice to hear someone who is passionate about what they do!’

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