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Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy

I’ve been interested in herbs and holistic medicine for nearly as long as I can remember. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to study Tibetan Medicine between 1994 and 1998 with Professor Khenpo Troru Tsenum at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in Scotland. After that I undertook a Diploma in Botano-Therapy with the International Register of Consultant Herbalists (IRCH) which was at that time based in Swansea. I studied with the IRCH for 6 years, graduating and starting my practice in 2006. It's my dream come true to be a full time medical herbalist and I'm passionate about helping people grasp life and live it to the full.


I spend much of my ‘spare time’ foraging for wild medicines, growing a range of medicinal plants and making them into gorgeous vibrant medicines with very low 'medicine miles'. Probably 75% of my extensive herbal dispensary is made with locally sourced plants.

My passion for growing and gathering herbs and my previous training in agriculture and forestry, enables me to understand how we can best produce high quality herbal medicine. I've made it my mission to share this knowledge and to ensure that everyone who wishes to connect with herbal medicine in a hands on way, has the knowledge and tools to do so effectively. This is why I wrote "Self Sufficient Herbalism" which is published by Aeon Books. Please navigate to the 'Book' tab on this site to find out more. 

I'm currently writing my second book which is about the virtues of herbs themselves. I would love people to get to know herbs as individuals rather than lists of 'what they do'.

I'm proud to be a member of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners. 

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