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Initial consultation/Health MOT(90 mins)


Follow up consultation (45 mins)


Repeat prescription fee





Tinctures (per 100ml)

from £15.40

Capsules (per 60)

from £16.50

Creams and Ointments (30ml)

from £9.50

Eye/Ear Drops (per 20ml) from


Prescription Tea Blends (per bag)

from £17.00


Some extra information about working with me.

First, thank you so much for considering working with me. I really appreciate that it's a big decision to choose a holistic herbal practitioner to help you with your health journey. I promise that I'll always make every effort to help you to the best of my ability. Also, I'll always be completely honest with you about how much I can help you and the changes that I think you'll need to start to make in order to make the healing process possible. If you want to come to me for help but aren't open to making any changes to your lifestyle or diet then I'm probably not the right practitioner for you. I want to treat you sustainably so that you can get well and stay well. This is all far more than 'just a job' to me!

Of course I want to help as many people as possible but I'm just one herbalist doing my very best and I have to set some limits and guidelines. Over the years I have learnt quite a bit about how I can best do this. Please read on to find out what these are: 


I have to keep time spent on each person's case within reasonable levels. For example, I aim to keep within allotted consultation times, so please bear that in mind when you attend for your consultation. Two hours should be plenty of time for me to understand your individual health history and constitution, but if your case is very complicated we may need to continue in a second consultation if we haven't covered everything. Remember, I'll be viewing and assessing your case from a very different viewpoint to an allopathic practitioner so hearing a lot of details about what each previous specialist consultant thought and why they were 'wrong', is not always the most constructive use of time. I'll carefully guide you as to what information I need and I'm sure you'll find the process very easy to engage with. In fact, most people feedback to me that they really enjoy the consultation process because it helps them to understand their health issues in a completely new light. Many of my new patients recommend me to their friends before they have even have a chance to take their first dose of herbal medicine!

Please don't send me a lot of preliminary information via email before your appointment unless I specifically ask you to. I prefer to focus 100% on you and your case when we're in a consultation together and we can have a dialogue about what has been happening.


I really can't answer repeated unrelated queries whether via email or telephone in between appointments. To answer health queries safely and properly, I need to consider your notes and to discuss things with you one to one. When I was very first in practice and I only had a very few patients I was able to retain all the relevant information in my head, but those days are now long gone. If you have a new query or a health update please ask it during the consultation time if you possibly can. If it's urgent and it won't wait, please understand that I'll need to access your notes and read them thoroughly before replying to you. This means that if, for example, you contact me on a Sunday, I may not get back to you until Tuesday when I'm next in my clinic.

If, when you're first offered a new patient appointment slot, you're not sure whether you'll be able to make it, please don't accept it with a view to changing it later if needed. I ask for advance payment of either all or half of the consultation fee in order to reserve your slot. This is because the slot you're reserving represents half a day of my possible consultations and it's a pretty big deal if people pull out at the last minute. Over the last couple of years, since offering online appointments, the number of people making very last minute changes to their initial consultation appointments, or forgetting them, has increased. I've had to take the step of asking people to commit to their first slot with a non refundable deposit paid four weeks beforehand. Having said that, I understand that there are of course last minute situations which can make attending impossible. If you're suddenly too unwell to attend or have a family emergency then please let me know as soon as you know you won't be able to attend. In those situations we should be able to reschedule and your deposit will be carried over to the new slot.


If you're attending in person you will pay for any medicines that you need, depending on your prescription and the interval between appointments, at the time of your appointment. 

If you're attending via Zoom and you live in the UK, I'll send your prescription to you following the consultation. If you live nearby you can also collect your prescription from the clinic at a time that suits both of us. If you live outside the UK I won't be sending herbal medicines to you but I'll help you to source what you need yourself.

If you're a longstanding patient who I've cleared for having repeat prescriptions, please be sure to order them at least a week before they're needed. This is because, as a self sufficient herbalist, I make everything up in the clinic and I may need to make up capsules or drain and press tinctures in order to prepare your prescription. Please note that there's a repeat prescription fee charged in order to help contribute to the time involved in accessing your notes and making up the prescription. This is only charged if you're ordering a repeat prescription which is not dispensed immediately following a consultation. 


I accept cash, cheque and bank transfer. I don't accept credit card payments at this time. Those who are based abroad are welcome to pay via PayPal as it makes currency conversion easier. 

I think that's everything but if you still have questions please feel free to reach out to me. I'll do my best to answer them. I want to be completely transparent about my process and want you to understand what's involved.


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