Self-Sufficient  Herbalism

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My book: 'Self Sufficient Herbalism' is now available worldwide. 

"Self Sufficient Herbalism' is the first ever practical guide to the growing, gathering, and preserving of medicinal herbs for a working dispensary. Written by a practising herbalist with a high street clinic, it covers everything you need to know to become truly self sufficient in creating and dispensing your own herbal medicine.


Relying on only a small allotment and access to the fields and woodlands of rural England, Lucy Jones provides a masterclass in the wild crafting, growing, harvesting, drying, storage, and processing of medicinal herbs. Her passion for the plants and traditional ways of preserving them for medicine shines through as she explores the deeper implications of self-sufficiency and the transformative impact it has had on her practice.


The guide includes a glossary of detailed notes on the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of 108 individual herbs arranged by the seasons. It is a must read for practising herbalists, herbal students, herb gardeners, and all those who love herbs."

You can purchase a copy direct from Aeon Books at the following link:

Or you can buy from book retailers, both large and small.

Customers based in the USA can purchase from Red Wheel Books.


I'm really happy to be able to share this precious and traditional knowledge. It's heart-warming to think that my book is helping others along the path of self-sufficient herbalism, whether they're practitioners, students, herbal product manufacturers or herb growers. 

Lucy x