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Happy Losar!

It's Losar, the Tibetan New Year! This year is astrologically ruled by the male fire monkey. Traditionally, the monkey is a very clever fellow. He is especially skilled at finding ways to benefit from an opportunity and even when faced with difficulty, the monkey most often lands on its feet. This makes 2016 the perfect year to make a positive, sustainable commitment to bettering your health.

If you've struggled to keep up with your Western New Year's resolutions, now is a chance to resolve to start taking better care of your body and mind. We always tend to focus on dietary changes for this but where can we go for advice? One of the problems with online dietary advice is that it isn't tailored to your own constitutional type. This is why certain dietary guidelines and systems suit some people and not others. According to Tibetan Medicine If we understand our own constitution we can take steps to adjust diet and lifestyle in tune with changing external circumstances and our own unique needs. By living in balance with our constitution we can experience new levels of energy and really vibrant good health. As a side effect of this we are often able to move towards an optimum weight more easily than before.

If you would like to find out about Tibetan constitutional analysis and how to adjust your lifestyle and diet to maximise your health and energy levels, then please do get in touch.

I wish you a truly fabulous Tibetan New Year, or as they say in the Tibetan language: Losar tashi delek!

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